About Instructors

We on-board our instructors with 3 point selection criteria. We look for instructors who are passionate to highest level in their area of expertise. They should also be having relevant work record in same domain. Additionally, the point criteria is that they should be full of energy and great leaders themselves. We look for fun factor in our instructors as well. 

3 Point Criteria


We shortlist instructors who are highly passionate about their area of expertise. To maintain high energies we will not shortlist anyone who may slightly fall off short on passion.    


We look for minimum of 1-2 Years experience in specific skill set of our instructors to ensure practical approach is not taken for granted. We select instructors who are having leadership qualities.

Fun Loving 

It will not be just sufficient if you are passionate and experienced. Our instructors are also shortlisted understanding their energy levels, humor and enthusiasm.

Our Instructors

He has vast experience in strategy and business development in corporate. His knowledge and practical experiences makes him the startup man. 


Startups executed: 2

Approached by investors: 1 

Shabbar Syed | Co founder | Strategy and Sales Instructor

He is PhD in English from Osmania University, Hyderabad with Living Science background at graduation level. He has a long standing experience (more than two decades) of teaching, training and research connected to English.


:Papers Published: 6 (International) 

Books published: Non fiction

 Creative, academic, general writing and report writing expert.  

Dr. S.A Shafee | Skill Counsellor | Business Writing Instructor

He has started his career as Operations head at India's leading retail brand and is specialized in operations, and marketing, he has industry experience in Website design and SEO as well. Now as an instructor with us and a co founder he is driving force for our operations and a key instructor to our team.


Experience : Designing of simple yet functional websites

Operations manager in India's biggest retail outlet. 

Manohar Reddy | Co founder | Business Operations Instructor

She has sales and client service experience of 5 years. She has worked for market research firm and Technology startups. She adds great value to our team. She can help startups with workshop on sales and client services.

She is currently working full time on CRM product into client service and works with us as Freelance instructor.

Stuti | Freelance | Strategy and Sales Instructor

He has vast experience into Business strategy and Sales across various industries like construction, retail, etc. He is helping startups get business and sales direction through our workshops. He has been value add to our team

He is associated with providing consulting to startups on business strategy as consultant. 

Rakesh Kumar | Freelance | Strategy and Sales Instructor

She has her own startup which is into interior design. She has team of doodling experts who can teach you how to make your stuff look design friendly. At Sarga, she can design your new home with fresh look and give diversified tadka to your designs.

Komal Goel | Freelance | Doodling Instructor

Big data workshop instructor

An Aeronautical engineer with Diploma in Data science & Big Data. Her style of teaching is high on practical exposure and industry implementation .She shows application side of the Big Data and Machine learning and coaches same during her workshops through software installation and other practical methods. Work sheets and drills are main ingredient in our workshops.

Deepthika Palati | Big Data and Machine Learning | Instructor

A dedicated industry professional with a background in Education, she has five years of experience in Corporate Training . Her motivated attitude, enthusiasm , and creative approach to problem-solving has enable her to effectively manage individuals and train them corporate communications and employee on boarding through our corporate workshops.

Priyanka A | Employee On-boarding Workshop | Instructor

corporate training workshop

She is down to earth, as what one needs to be as a leader on the grounds of training. She is dynamic with her command. She can suit up your retail or corporate workforce with best of articles in form of their communication skills.

She is also excellent at training new hires under our workshop named employee on-boarding, where basic communications and work life balance is delivered through the workshop module.

Priya Maini | Employee On-boarding Workshop | Instructor

He is a dynamic professional with several years of cross-functional experience in Training & Development. He has in-depth exposure to the pharma sector and rich hands on experience in developing training programs. If you are representing a pharma company as an HR where your teams needs to learn more about product in detail then his delivery of workshop module should be ideal.

BV Chiranjeevi | Product Awareness Workshop | Instructor

Azure trainer

His profile is very dynamic as it caters to corporate training requirements where MS Azure and other coding languages are taught to corporate professionals who are in need of trainer. He is Microsoft certified Solution Expert for cloud platform and infrastructure, He is also Microsoft certified solution developer for Azure Platform.

Rahiman | Data Cloud Network Deployment | Instructor

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