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Foito Skill Development Services Pvt Ltd is a startup dedicated to providing a skill development platform for individuals, companies, and institutions. Our major goal to start Foito was to address the issue concerning the ongoing skill gap and solve job searching issues by building a skilled workforce that is required for companies in our network. Holistically, we are a Skill Development and Training Company. We have designed a very unique Skill Evaluation Module

Some of our Popular Training Modules


A 360-degree business model training meant to provide you a complete framework for launching your unique business ideas, using a quadrant analysis drill.



From curating SEO friendly content to tapping into the potential of Digital Marketing tool, this training is a wholesome package of practical exercises for hands on experiences.

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Our Competitive Edge

These are the additional deliverables to our training modules

Skill Validation Report

A report signed by the industry expert -cum-trainer, granted to you on completion of the training module, which is a check-list of all the metrics put to test during the training while validating your comprehension as well as application skills.

Certification Advisory

Sessions with Experts to help you understand the different certificate examinations available in the relevant domain, while analyzing the benefits and market value of each, and guiding you in opting the aptest ones for your career profile.  

Business Networking Support

We help you connect with professionals across the globe from different walks of life and dynamic experiences, thereby strengthening your professional network.

Post-Training Support

Post-training sessions with your instructor to clarify all the left-over doubts and further brainstorming if need be, while charting out your future career plans and trajectory.

Skill Evaluation Module & Report

All our attendees can avail our unique Skill Evaluation Module upon completion of the training, and find out three fascinating career moves matching their interests, passions, and skill-set.

Freelance Project Search Support

Upon completion of the training, we provide 6 months Freelance Project Search Support to all the attendees, by connecting them to potential recruiters looking to hire freelancers/candidates in the relevant skill domain. 

Our Skill Evaluation Module on Emotional Intelligence

Define Your Career Move more accurately with our Skill Reports.

Several freelancers, working professionals and business owners are using our skill report to create super hero teams for them, while acing in their respective careers.

Identify your Skill-Set

We help you identify your interest, passion and skill sets using an emotional intelligence based module

Map your Career Trajectory

Our aim is to map your interests to career paths that match your strength and passions

Our Training Events...

Glimpses of some of our on-site training sessions, to take you through our memory-lane of experiences!

sales training in India


Our Strategic Partners

"I believe learning and training are unlimited, they can never stop. Learning gives you wings to fly and training is not just job but a leadership role for sure. ."


Vice Preisident,

Stock Market Expert, and IT Professional,


"Training is an experience of wholesome transformation and it is an extremely essential and powerful asset in one's professional life."


Vice President,

25 Years Experience in CA firm , Haryana

Our Extended Services

Find out more about our platforms and opportunities

Franchise Partners

On-boarding dynamic partners to be a part of our vision and mission



Online professional networking forum, exclusive free courses to members 

HR Support

Streamlining the preliminary screening process for HR managers

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Training Events


Skill Evaluations


What People Say

Foito has helped us with "Business Launch and Audit workshop" and "sales workshop". Their instructors are filled with energy and passion during delivery of workshop module. The best part of their workshop is their practical approach. They make us think and work during workshop. "They use unique workshop material and worksheets."

itspossible.in founder talking about Foito India
Naimath Mujtedhi

Itspossible.in Founder


What People Say

I have taken couple of their workshops towards improving my business Smart Builder App and the course offered were short and sweet and very practical and project oriented. The best part of their training is that it comes customized to your project requirement and you can directly execute project while learning.

Venkatesh Yeruva

Smart Builder App Founder

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How it helped our clients? 

We have conducted 2 workshops for Itspossible, training company to provide them with growth plan and make their investor deck ready. We helped them formulate franchise model as well. Contact us to get detailed case study


How it helped our clients? 

We have conducted workshop on business strategies and investment deck preparation for Smart builders a PMC app startup , it is beautifully crafted web app that allow smart building and construction solutions at one place.

smart builders PMC App


How it helped our clients? 

We have trained sales team of TechUva, an IOT based startup, their major focus was on improvement in sales for their various products. We discovered all new channels and approaches during workshop

Dr Syed Ali Shafee
Dr. S. A Shafee

Skill Counselor and Instructor 

Manohar Reddy

Retail Operations Instructor


Photography Instructor

Freelance finance trainers

Finance Instructor

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  • Do you wish to help people get better careers?
jobs in Hyderabad

5 most promising jobs in Hyderabad

As of today, the jobs in Hyderabad are increasing for all good reasons. Most USA based investors are looking to invest in India because of the growing number of innovative startups. Big food app giants like Eazydiner has also recently taken entry into this market. Therefore new jobs are created. These jobs are divided into various categories. 



Are you an HR manager or do you work in the HR department, always on your toes to keep the organizational environment motivated? But owing to high levels of competition, have you started feeling the heat of hiring targets?

Networking events Delhi

We are a skill development company based out of Hyderabad, India extending our service to the world. 

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