From an Expected Trainer to an Unexpected Partner

The exceptional story of value-addition through trust and mutual understanding

We all have a story...

Every experience and every journey is a story in itself just waiting to be weaved together and narrated to others.

Similarly, we are no different. Our journey as an organization working towards developing a skilled workforce has made us come across some wonderful experiences, worth sharing!

Here is one such anecdote from our experiences journal...It's a story of how our team unboxed a true jewel, without any pre-planning.

Let's read through to know more!

Identifying and on-boarding visionary trainers willing to spread the light of their wisdom, experience, and knowledge to others has always been our prime focus. Matching and synchronizing the relevant trainer profiles with the specific client requirements has always kept us on the look for enthusiastic individuals who respect the true essence of knowledge and skills.

One such trainer hunt made us come in connect with Ms. Veteran (name masked), an ambitious and dexterous person having 25 years of working experience at a renowned CA firm, and a veteran in true sense. Her eagerness to work on a dynamic training project, keeping in view the exact requirement of the client, excellent interpersonal skills and command on technical concepts and their practical implementation helped us deliver a successful training program and lighten up the face of our client!And, we could brighten up Ms. Veteran's face at the same time, as the satisfied client wished to carry forward the association with our trainer in the capacity of a Consultant post-training. Yes, you heard that right! Ms. Veteran bagged a full-time consulting project owing to the training experience delivered to a delighted client who simply couldn't stop adulating Ms. Veteran's prowess.

But, the story (and her journey with us) did not end with the training project itself. Her vision and working methodology had struck a chord with the working style of our company. And we focus on developing a strong networking platform for cross-learning. So, how could we leave a gem like her?

Detailed calls, brainstorming sessions, intense strategy and concept building discussions, comprehensive analysis of a potential collaboration between Ms. Veteran and the company Founders led to an inexplicable decision!!

Guess what?

Ms. Veteran became an inseparable member of our company, in the capacity of a Master Franchise Partner. Adding great value to our journey through her expertise, sound decision making, industry exposure, strategizing abilities, she is a revered member of our team, contributing significantly to creating a knowledge exchange and skill development platform, helping the dreamers become achievers!

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