Client Case Study: Financial Consultancy Company

A story of how we satisfy the intense learning capacity of our curious clients through post-training support

Voracious Learners and Knowledge Seekers are famous for their gamut of questions ready to be shot at the trainer, and a true trainer is one who seeks joy in this engagement. We being a training company can not deny our longing to on-board such clients who always keep us on our toes!

Additionally, we believe that doubt clarification sessions need a separate room for optimum benefits for our clients. This led to the introduction of "Post-Training Support" hours, which are included in our training packages and can be readily accessed by all intrigued minds, whose desire to learn more never ends. 

Honestly, at times the post-training support hours become more challenging and fun for our trainers, who are amused to see their dexterous trainees. 

Here is one such anecdote from our training diaries:


Training Details

Client Details

 Owner of a Financial Consultancy Firm 

Problem Statement

Learning the detailed application of modern forecasting techniques for better consultation outcomes for their clients.

Workshop Type Delivered

  Financial Forecast Training   

Trainer Assigned

 Mr. Proficient

(name masked)

Training Tools Implemented

 Financial Model XLS, Financial Forecasting Worksheet, Forecasting Theory Notes Handout, Data Point Analysis Document

How did the training unfold?

Complete Training Hours

Psyched by the client's background (adrenalin rush for our entire team) our trainer immediately started his task of diagnosing the client's exact problem/ requirement. Details were jotted down, and training materials curated, thereby marking the beginning of the two-day training sessions (pretty much clash of titans!) . Characterized by profound technical discussions, practical implementation of concepts using excel worksheets, and financial models based on real-life examples, our trainer had successfully served the desired outputs and expertise thereby elating our client. 

Post-Training Support Hours

But as per our service terms, our client had the choice to opt for post-training support hours with our trainer/s to avail further polishing of the concepts so acquired and access clarification of all doubts, through more content-based materials.So, some intense calls by our client with our trainer; led us to the final leg of the training: "Post-Training Support"Confident with the learnings of the training sessions, our client communicated her desire to seek further assistance in drafting out a step-by-step methodology in approaching the forecasting of a company in the "Food and Beverages Industry" by trying to get a perusal view of the factors to be assessed in the process.

And in no time our Industry Experts (main trainer plus other experts) were heads down preparing the document- crafted with all the necessary inputs as desired by our client. Within two days the Data Point Analysis document was prepared, edited, finalized, and presented before the client.


Phew! The efforts of all our trainers were acknowledged by a delighted customer who lauded us not only for our training expertise but also for our dedication in making sure that before bidding adieu, we see a victorious and confident smile on our client's face

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