Transition from Trainee to Trainer

The intriguing story of a Finance Professional

We all have a story...

Every experience and every journey is a story in itself just waiting to be weaved together and narrated to others.

Similarly, we are no different. Our journey as an organization working towards developing a skilled workforce has made us come across some wonderful experiences, worth sharing!

Here is one such anecdote from our experiences journal...Its a depiction of the domino effect caused by the unhindered power of "Learning" and "Training".

Let's read through to know more!

On-boarded as a client for a training program, who would have thought one day he shall be approached by our team to join hands as a trainer and help deliver training project to someone else. A perfect example of network building and peer upliftment, we make sure that the best of each profile gets a valuable platform for adequate representation.

A finance professional working with one of the Big Four, Mr. Amiable reached out to our team showing his willingness to take up a training program with us. Taking note of his profile and dexterity, we delivered the desired training to him, customized to his needs.

After a month of bidding adieu to a delighted customer, we were again reminded of Mr. Amiable- but this time not for a usual client follow up, rather for a suitable trainer profile in the "Finance Domain".

One phone call and our client was once again on-boarded, expect this time as a part of our team looking forward to delivering training to someone else. 

Successfully delivered two training projects, he is now an integral part of our key trainer profiles.

And this is how the loop of learning and teaching continues...Growing while helping others grow is our motto as we aim to build a valuable Skill Development and Engagement Platform.

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"Some of our previous events and training sessions"

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I have taken couple of their workshops towards improving my business Smart Builder App and the course offered were short and sweet and very practical and project oriented. The best part of their training is that it comes customized to your project requirement and you can directly execute project while learning.

Venkatesh Yeruva

Founder | Smart Builder App |

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