Equity Valuation Training

Maker wiser investment decisions by learning how to value the market price of equity shares

Are you a business owner striving to correctly evaluate your firm's market worth? Are you looking for finance training courses? Are you an investor interested in knowing the fair price of a security before making an investment decision?

Attending this training shall enable you to learn all the market techniques which are practically used by industry professionals for equity valuation, thereby providing you useful insights into the dynamic environment of business. This training aims at providing a 360 degree understanding of equity shares and its valuation.

The sessions will cover various valuation methodologies while using examples from the actual market scenario.

On Demand

Take it as you like it, book an industry expert from our portfolio to visit your office or take it via online mode as screen-sharing instructor-led session(s).

Industry Focus

We only conduct solution-focused training, mapping it to project outcomes or your industry type thereby adding greater value to your purpose of learning

Standard or Custom

Go for standard or custom module to meet your basic to deep level customization goals through our training. Note: Price may go high for deep learning customization


  1. Understanding Equity Valuation Basics and Significance
  2. Cost of Equity Share Capital under different case (Varying dividend growth Rate, Constant Growth Rate, Zero-Growth Dividend etc)
  3. Understanding concepts: Retention ratio, dividend payout ratio, dividend growth rate, Market Price, Expected Price, EPS, Beta Factor( Systematic Risk), Risk-Free Rate, Market Risk Premium)
  1. Discounted Cash Flow Models or Dividend Discount Model
  2. P/E Ratio Models
  3. Capital Asset Pricing Model
  4. Walter's Model
  5. Gordon's Model
  6. Case Study using company statements and reports available in the public domain.

Who can take this training?

Are you a Founder or CEO?

Are you a startup founder? Are you a CEO of fast pace company? Do you wish to calculate the real worth of your organization, then this training is your one-stop solution. Learn the various valuation methodologies and anticipate the market performance.

Are you an investor?

Willing to invest your surplus funds into the highly volatile world of equity shares? Attend this training to learn the various methods of finding out the fair value of shares and make your investment decisions effective, directly from industry experts.

Are you a CFO?

Are you a chief financial officer or finance analyst burdened with taking investment decisions which shall add to the profitability of your organization? Attend this training to evaluate the viability of your investment decisions by finding out the fair of equity shares while gaining useful insights into the various market forces in play.

Are you a Freelancer?

Are you that investment ninja who likes working from home and still be ahead of full timers? Our training is like a catalyst to your amazing growth lab. We look forward to giving you wings to fly.

Why should I Enroll?

Execute Paid Freelance Projects-Assured Projects within a period of 1 year.

Solve your job or other professional finance task on the go.

Our training courses are industry relevant, this means you can just share your problem statement of project and get training help.

Get Free templates or worksheet specific to your project upon completion of training.

How does it Work?

01. Fill Up Enrollment Form

Fill the form below to show your interest and our sales team will connect with you to get started.

02. Get contacted

Our sales professional will first walk you through the course module for you to get more confident about training delivery.

03. Slot Booking and Payment

Date and time of the training sessions are mutually decided once the instructor is assigned.

We offer you the flexibility to opt for individual training : 1 person or a team (for customized module) as well as batch-wise training (for generic module), depending on your requirements and feasibility.Make the payment, receive training ticket within 24 hours, and get started šŸ™‚

04. Get the ball rolling

Once you are done with payment formalities, you will be contacted by our operations team. Additionally, you will get training ticket with all necessary details to your email box.

Any doubts?

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Additional perks of enrolling for our power training.


If you score minimum required on practical skills then you get instructor signed validation report with our company stamp.


Avail a great mileage of business networking support by industry folks with no additional cost.We will help you connect to industry professionals for network growth.


Get a freeĀ Skill Evaluation ReportĀ to showcase to HR while you go for interview, or use it while searching freelance projects, etc.


Assistance on any doubts or clarifications post-training. 20 hours post-training support is included in the package. You can purchase series of custom modules further.


Get 6 months Freelance Project Search Support as we connect you to potential recruiters looking for specific skill-sets.


Interactive session with industry expert to help you understand the different the different certification examinations offered (relevant skill) while helping you choose the aptest one/s for you.

Training Commercials

Please call or mail us to know the ā€œCompany Pricing Package & Course Durationā€


12,000 INR/-

+ GST | Upto 3 Members

Two day training at a venue of your choice ex: (Your office space , Coffee shop or any other business venue)

Our training sessions are delivered by Industry Professionals who have a minimum of 3 years of experience in relevant industry.

*Pricing may vary for highly customized module

**Pricing will be higher for more number of member


9,000 INR/-

+ GST | Upto 10 Members

Two day training conducted at our specialized training centers (Co-working spaces) in and across India.

Our training sessions are delivered by Industry Professionals who have a minimum of 3 years of experience in relevant industry.

*Pricing may vary for highly customized module

**Pricing will be higher for more number of member


6,000 INR/-

+ GST | Per Person

Two day training assisted by screen sharing and on-call (Access anytime anywhere across the globe)

Our training sessions are delivered by Industry Professionals who have a minimum of 3 years of experience in relevant industry.

*Pricing may vary for highly customized module

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"Some of our previous events and training sessions"

"Some of our previous events and training sessions"

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I have taken couple of their workshops towards improving my business Smart Builder App and the course offered were short and sweet and very practical and project oriented. The best part of their training is that it comes customized to your project requirement and you can directly execute project while learning.

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Founder | Smart Builder App | www.smartbuilderapp.com

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