Client Case Study: Company in the Education Industry

A story of how we weave our training into a solution-focused garland of upskilling

One of the best features of our workshops is serving the training sessions into a solution-based platter after an anatomical view of the client's problem. Characterized by a three-step process of :

A) Identifying the client's problem statement- both specific as well as general

B) Modifying the generic training module for appropriate customization to fit the exact needs of the client  based on the problem statement

C) Delivering training to impart skills and knowledge enabling the client to find the most effective solutions to the problem statement.

: we have thus far been successful in bringing the aptest solutions to the table and empowering our clients in tackling such situations with grace in the future!But what better than reading a case study of one of our previous clients to witness the outcome of our power training sessions?

So, here we present one of our workshop experiences for you...


Training Details

Client Details

 A company in the Education Industry

Problem Statement

 Looking to develop a sustainable business model for business growth

Workshop Type Delivered

Business Launch and Audit Training 

Trainer Assigned

 Mr. Ingenuous

(name masked)

Training Tools Implemented

 Basic Business Drill, 4 Quadrant Analysis Worksheet, Connecting Dots & Rearranging Excercise

Training Deliverables

On becoming familiar with the challenges of our client our trainer's role was to chalk out the following training sessions consistent with those requirements. Based on the inputs derived from the client regarding their existing business structure, service line, and revenue model; began the ride of intense business training...

Basic Business Drill

Different segments of the client's business were discussed at length similar to pulling out strings of a tightly knit cloth. With every aspect of the business identified, their significance and impact on the overall organizational growth were highlighted to make the client understand the key factors in designing a business strategy (and yeah, we do not want the intensity of our training to become burdensome by making use of interactive and eye-catching drill sheets)

Quadrant Analysis

 The next part of the training was aimed at finding the zig-zags in their existing structure and drawing rectification plans to bring them in line with the goal. This exercise helped in finding many new alternatives to the current structure that was being followed by the client. Earlier based on a 1 service 1 pricing model, this drill helped them introduce three new service lines while discovering 1 premium service to be offered. Ooh and one noteworthy discovery to uplift the other changes was the introduction of USPs (this made the exercise all the more charming)

Connecting Dots and Rearranging

Now, fast-forward to the last exercise of Connecting Dots and Rearranging, which was done to gather all the thoughts, ideas, and learnings discussed before onto one-sheet and shift the direction towards execution. As the business model had been revamped, naturally the framework also needed a renovation. Thus, this exercise was done to launch and design new and viable frameworks (in harmony with the ideas explored before).

Now, before you start wondering that it is perhaps easy to create numerous ideas because well creativity has no end...there is one twist to the tale.Our trainer ensured that all the solutions derived during the sessions were completely viable and implementable by the client i.e. the discussions were well bound within the fence of the client's business constraints (be it in terms of investment, team, resources, time, etc)


With the new revenue streams introduced and a sustainable framework launched we were immensely pleased to know that our client was able to secure a 20% increment in the ROI (numerical figures always add more value, right?)

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