Data Science and Machine Learning


As we pace into the era of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science is bound to become one of the most essential skills and getting to learn the industry applications of big data directly from an Industry Expert is no less than a Golden Opportunity.

Attending this workshop will make you familiar with data science and machine learning concepts and their practical applicability across various industries from scratch.

This is a month-long course designed to give the maximum detailed exposure possible to all data science enthusiasts who wish to hone their skills under the direct guidance of Industry Experts. The training module has been fastidiously structured with an aim to aid all your concerns related to this ever-growing domain of Data Science.

This course can be further channelized to a specific industry as per the requirement of the client.


Take it as you like it, book an industry expert from our portfolio to visit your office or take it online screen sharing instructor led workshop.

Industry Focus

We only conduct workshops or training mapping it to project outcomes or your industry type making it value to your purpose of learning.

Standard or Custom

Standard or custom workshop to meet your basic to deep level customization goals through our training. Note: Price may go high for deep learning customization



  1. Python Programming- Python Basics, Indentation, Case Sensitive
  2. Data Types- Integer, Float, String, Boolean, List, Tuple, Dictionary,Set, Series (Pandas), Data Frame (Pandas), Array (Numpy)
  3. Functions and Classes- Classes, Function, Lambda, Map, Filter, Reduce, Zip
  4. Errors and Exception Handling- Errors, System Defined Exception, User-Defined Exception
  5. Loops and Conditional- If-else, While, For, Continue, Break, Pass
  1. Advanced Python- List Comprehension, Dictionary Comprehension
  2. Packages- Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Stats and Math, Sklearn
  3. Introduction to Machine Learning
  4. Types of Data- Supervised, Unsupervised, Reinforcement
  5. Basic Data Preparation- Data Cleaning, Handling Null Data
  6. Statistics- Measure of Central Tendency, Skewness, Kurtosis, Hypothesis Testing, Baye’s Theorem, Markov’s Chain, etc
  1. Applied Maths- PnC, Probability, Gaussian Distribution, Binomial Distributions, Poisson Distributions, Multivariate Gaussian Distributions
  2. Linear Algebra- Linear Equation, Polynomial Equation
  3. Time Series Models- ARIMA, Dickey-Fuller Test
  4. Regression- Linear, Univariate, Multivariate, Polynomial
  5. Clustering- K-means, Anamoly detection
  6. Ensemble Learning- Random Forest
  1. Advanced-Data Preparation- Data Cleaning, Normalization, Gradient Descent, Cost Function
  2. Reinforcement- Q-Learning, MDP, Bellman Equation
  3. Evaluation Metrics- Confusion Matrix, ROC-AUC Curve, R2 score, F-1 score, Mean Square Error
  4. Dimension Reduction- Dimension Reduction, PCA
  5. Optimization, Advanced Models and Framework- Neutral Network, Tensorflow

Who can take this workshop?

Are you a Data Scientist?

Are you a data scientist or aspiring to be one? Our power workshop on data science is your go-to solution as this shall enable you to explore various new dimensions and scope of data science and help you implement your skills to various sectors.

Are you a recent grad?

As you are hatching out of college, are you someone passionate about artificial intelligence and data science? Its time to buckle up and be ready to take on data science challenges like a pro. Our workshop will not let you down as you gear up for your career moves.

Are you a Freelancer?

Are you that tech ninja who likes working from home and still be ahead of full timers? Our Data Science Training Program is like a catalyst to your amazing growth lab. We look forward to give wings to fly

Why should I Enroll?

Execute Paid Freelance Projects-Assured Projects within period of 1 year.

Solve your job or other professional data science and machine learning task on the go.

Our workshops are industry relevant this means you can just share your problem statement of project and get training help.

Get Free templates or worksheet specific to your project upon completion of workshop.

How does it Work?

01. Fill Up Enrollment Form

Fill the form below to show your interest and our sales team will connect with you to get started.

02. Get contacted

Our sales professional will first walk you through the workshop module for you to get more confident about workshop delivery.

03. Slot Booking and Payment

Date and time of the workshop is decided and instructor is assigned. Do not worry we can even start training for single person.

But however if the batches are available, you will be clubed with them. Make the payment, receive workshop ticket in 24 hours. Get started 🙂

04. Get the ball rolling

Once you are done with payment formalities, you will be contacted by our operations team. Additionally you will get workshop ticket with all necessary details to your email.

Any doubts?

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Additional perks of enrolling for our power workshops.


If you score minimum required on practical skills then you get instructor signed validation report with our company stamp.


Avail a great mileage of business networking support by industry folks with no additional cost.

We will help you connect to industry professionals for network growth.


Get a free Skill Evaluation Report to showcase to HR while you go for interview, or use it while searching freelance projects, etc.


Assistance on any doubts or clarifications post workshop. (Only 2 hour) Post workshop training comes as an add-on. You can purchase series of custom modules further.

Workshop Pricing


45,000 INR/-


Upto 3 members

At venue of your choice ex: (Your office space , Coffee shop or any other business venue)

Our workshops are conducted by Industry professionals who has minimum of 3 Years Experience in relevant industry.


60,000 INR/-


Upto 10 members

Batches of minimum 1-3 member

Conducted at Our specialized training centers (Co-working spaces) in and across India.

Our workshops are conducted by Industry professionals who has minimum of 3 Years Experience in relevant industry.


30,000 INR/-


Upto 2 Person (Conference)

Assisted by Screen sharing and on-call (Access anytime anywhere across the globe)

Our workshops are conducted by Industry professionals who has minimum of 3 Years Experience in relevant industry.

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I have taken couple of their workshops towards improving my business Smart Builder App and the course offered were short and sweet and very practical and project oriented. The best part of their training is that it comes customized to your project requirement and you can directly execute project while learning.

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