About Instructors

We on-board our instructors with 3 point selection criteria. We look for instructors who are passionate to highest level in their area of expertise. They should also be having relevant work record in same domain. Additionally, the point criteria is that they should be full of energy and great leaders themselves. We look for fun factor in our instructors as well. 

3 Point Criteria


We shortlist instructors who are highly passionate about their area of expertise. To maintain high energies we will not shortlist anyone who may slightly fall off short on passion.    


We look for minimum of 1-2 Years experience in specific skill set of our instructors to ensure practical approach is not taken for granted. We select instructors who are having leadership qualities.

Fun Loving 

It will not be just sufficient if you are passionate and experienced. Our instructors are also shortlisted understanding their energy levels, humor and enthusiasm.

Our Instructors

Sneak Peak into some of our instructor profiles with their FOITO pseudonyms and expertise.

Enthusiastic, visionary, and creative, his dynamic work experience, passion for training, and dexterity in strategic thinking helps him deliver enriching interaction-based learning sessions. An entrepreneur and business consultant himself, his business concepts provide essential insights to the attendees.

Successfully delivered multiple sessions, he has been frequently lauded by the trainees, entrepreneurs and professionals themselves, for his problem-solving skills, knowledge, and ecstatic personality. His prowess can take your business to new heights!

Mr. Ingenious | Business Strategy and Sales Instructor

His qualifications, experience, coherent thought processing, and eloquent communication skills make him a pro at conducting interaction-oriented engaging sessions, focused at delivering the best of the technical aspects while creating an aura of reverence ideal for upskilling.

Mesmerized by his flawless training aptitude, his seasoned knowledge and critical thinking he is believed to give a new direction to one's thinking.

Mr. Eloquent| Soft Skills and Creative Skills Instructor

Humble, technically sound, he knows the simplest way of handling the hardest situations. His composed behavior and creative designing skills  coupled with his first hand experience of working with a leading Retail Outlet helps him bring forward the practical scenarios to the sessions .

Appreciated for his technical prowess and pressure handling capabilities, sessions delivered by him will resolve your operation management related concerns in no time!

Mr. Competent | Operations and Marketing Instructor

Having 25+ years of working experience with a CA firm, her command over technical knowledge and exposure to dynamic taxation and business systems are unmatched. Her comprehensive subject-matter expertise helps her in making other understand complex topics with grace.

Known for her rich knowledge and experience, she has been praised for her energetic training approach and ability to help develop an analytical view towards problems by all her trainees from different walks of life.

Ms. Veteran | Taxation and Compliance Instructor

A chartered accountant having an intense experience of working with a Big 4, he can connect well with the attendees thereby helping one grab concepts at their own pace. His grasp on financial concepts along with his practical work knowledge help the attendees get a thorough understanding of the tricky concepts

Frequently appreciated by attendees, professionals themselves, for his calm demeanor, technical prowess, and sincere approach, he knows how to mold the sessions to add greater value to your learning.

Mr. Amiable | Finance Instructor

Rational and visionary, he is a dedicated trainer with superb technical knowledge. Being an ardent investor, his understanding of the market psychology provides a tremendous learning opportunity, as he combines technical and intuitive knowledge with ease.

His unique analytical approach is refreshing as his practical-views is an asset to the learners, who have had marvelous experiences.

Mr. Wise | IT and Stock Market Instructor

Certified Corporate Trainer and a Chartered Accountant, her passion for training and empowering others coupled with her methodical approach helps her to deliver power-packed learning sessions with a window to practical learning and dynamic thought process, while giving a wholesome view.

Lauded for her competency not only in finance but the dynamics of business, her dedicated training sessions provide sophisticated learning experiences.

Ms. Meticulous | Finance and Soft Skills Instructor

Energetic, witty, and flamboyant, his training sessions are immersed in positivity much needed to heal one's inner self and detoxify mind. Extracting knowledge from his practical experiences, his diligence and dexterity  helps you take simple steps in your day-to-day life to witness big changes.

Applauded by his trainees for his simple yet authentic ideas, he formulates solutions which are directed at easing one's eternal doubts and queries.

Mr. Optimistic | Wellness Instructor

His industry experience of more than a decade and technical knowledge help him deliver practical-concept oriented sessions to the attendees, while his composure acts as a catalyst in creating a friendly understanding between the knowledge giver and the knowledge seeker.

Known for sound training competency, his sessions create the perfect ambiance for knowledge exchange and upskilling, as the attendees take back the acquired lessons backed by live examples.

Mr. Proficient | Finance Instructor

Having the experience of a decade, her sound technical knowledge and in-depth concept clarity help the trainees overcome the fear attached to the buzz word of "Coding". Humble and calm, she tackles all your queries with a smile, as she explains the applicability of Data Science into diverse fields.

Delivering sessions with intense tech skills and practical applications, her meticulous approach is worth high praise, as she brings customized solutions to the table.

Ms. Tech-Champ | Data Science Instructor

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